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LeadferXT Tablet

    • Significantly increases Hb levels
    • Superior to other iron salts
    • Helps in the maturation of RBC's
    • Prevents pernicious anemaia
    • Repairs & rebuilds the tissue


Cartilead UC Tablet

    •  Right formula for joint support
    •  Reduce articular cartilage degradation
    •  Increase viscosity of synovial fluid
    •  Enhance cartilage synthesis
    • Overcome pain and inflammation


Thiolead  Tablet

    •  Powerful relief of Pain & Inflammation
    •  Excellent tolerability
    •  Strong CNS pain relieving action
    •  Works in synergy with Aceclofenac  
    •  Potent & Safe Muscle Relaxant
    •  Better then Chlorzoxazone & Tizanidine


Boneform Tablet

    • Meets the need of calcium for all age groups
    • The best absorbable form of calcium even superior then Calcium Carbonate
    • Helps Calcium absorption and vitamins D3 metabolism
    • Helps in collagen synthesis  
    • Maintain blood calcium levels


Leadkast LC Tablet

    • Reduces broncho constriction caused by leukotriene
    • Controls early as well as late phase of all allergic rhinitis
    • Synergistic effect better than individual agent  
    • Once daily dosage improves patient compliance


Voglead  Tablet GM1 & GM2 Tablet

    • Decreases hepatic glucose production
    • Decreases intestinal absorption of glucose  
    • Stimulate both first and second phase insuline secretion
    • An anti-daibetic agent  
    • Improves post prandial hyperglycemia


Vitalead 4G Tablet

    • Effectively regulates metabolism
    • Boosts & Modulate immunity  
    • Supports joint health & functions
    • Supports cardio vascular health & functions


Glycilead M1 & M2 Tablet                     

    • Together achieves good glycemic control with better tolerability profile
    • More effective than either drug alone for reducing glucose levels  
    • Exhibits weight neutralizing effects
    • Safe for hypertensive & cardiac patients


Bestglip-M Tablet                     

    • Teneligliptin Hydrobromide Hydrate & Metformin HCL(SR)


Powerzin Tablet                     

    • Zinc Acetate Tablets


Myolead Tablet                     

    • Relieves muscle pain & Cramps
    • Improves bone mineral density
    • Reduces risk of bone fractures


Fracwalk Tablet                     

    • Helps increase the uptake of Calcium & increases bone health
    • Reduces risk of a fracturing of a bone
    • Help broken bones heal faster
    • Helps relieve pain, inflammation & swelling
    • A supplement can help increase lean muscle mass
    • Aids in quick healing of wounds


Fracwalk-Plus Tablet                     

    • Strengthens bone integrity by restoring the tensile strength of bones
    • Is essential for bone matrix
    • Increases osteocalcin levels
    • Facilitates mineralization of bones
    • D3 increase calcium absorption reduces fractures

Lead Star Pharmaceuticals

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Leadfer XT                  Voglead GM1,GM2              Thiolead
Cartilead UC               Vitalead                              Bestglip M
Leadkast LC               Glycilead M1,M2                Myolead
Boneform                    Powerzin                           Fracwalk


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