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About Us

Lead Star Pharma started in 2018 keeps its tract of record intact by maintaining high intensive care to keep the quality to cope with the increase in demands of our medicine. We still use the old ways of  manufacturing where it is applicable  and also synchronize the modern facilities for keeping the standards of the medicine.

The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications to be administered (or self-administered) to patients to cure them, vaccinate them, or alleviate a symptom. Pharmaceutical companies may deal in generic or brand medications and medical devices. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations that govern the patenting, testing, safety, efficacy and marketing of drugs.

India remains a shining light in the international pharmaceuticals industry thanks to its low cost manufacturing, skilled workforce and infrastructure. These great attributes have catapulted India into one of the major players in the generics production segment. In addition, the country has a huge domestic market, which fuels its world dominance in the pharmaceuticals industry. All these factors have made India an appealing place for drug corporations looking to outsource their medicines.


Lead Star Pharmaceuticals

Serve Society for a better tomorrow

Leadfer XT                  Voglead GM1,GM2              Thiolead
Cartilead UC               Vitalead                              Bestglip M
Leadkast LC               Glycilead M1,M2                Myolead
Boneform                    Powerzin                           Fracwalk


Address:H.No.5-55/3, Ground floor, Peerzadiguda,
Medipally, Boduppal(V), Medipally(M),
Medchal-Malkajgiri(Dist), Telangana, India.

Phone No. +91 8688898828
Email ID:  info@leadstarpharma.com
Website:   www.leadstarpharma.com
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